Fragrance Free Beard Balm
Fragrance Free Beard Balm
Unscented Beard Balm - Classic - Slick Daddy
Unscented Beard Balm - Classic - Slick Daddy
Fragrance Free Beard Balm
Fragrance Free Beard Balm

Slick Daddy

Fragrance Free Beard Balm

Our unscented Beard Balm is fragrance free and high in utility. This is the best option beard balm for looks, style and a finish that won't clash with colognes, deodorants or any of your other chosen scents.

The all natural shea & cocoa butter are essential in keeping your beard healthy and hydrated throughout the day, while the all natural blend of five waxes helps to tame those wild whiskers.

How to Apply Beard Balm

Scoop out a small amount (about the size of your thumbnail) of balm from the tin. Massage it into your beard in a downward motion starting from your cheeks. Be sure to run your fingers through it so no hair gets left behind. Use your fingertips to coat the hairs of your moustache. Follow these steps daily and enjoy the result - a soft, manageable, itch & beardruff free beard.



Olea Europaea Fruit Oil
World class skin cell regenerator and anti-ageing oil. Attracts external moisture to the skin while still permitting the skin to properly release sweat, dead skin and sebum.
Jojoba Seed Oil
Encourages hair regrowth, cleans up dandruff, prevents irritation and treats acne, psoriasis, sunburn and chapped skin. Fights harmful bacteria growth that leads to breakouts and soothes fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing.
Macadamia Oil
Moisturises, regenerates and softens skin. Restores the skin's barrier, reduces water loss and improves the appearance of scars, sunburn and other minor skin irritations.
Binding agent, thickener and lubricant.
Reduces brittleness and adds strength and stability.
Moisturises and softens your skin while aiding in absorption. Helps with hair growth and prevents hair loss.
Shea Butter
A skin and hair super food rich in Vitamin A, E & F. Offers UV protection (SPF ~6) and provides the skin with essential fatty acids and nutrients necessary for collagen production.
Cocoa Butter
Helps boost hair strength and prevents ageing and irritation (such as dermatitis) while fighting off dandruff.
Microcrystalline Wax
Viscosity agent and binder that ensures high tensile strength and consistency.
Carnauba Wax
Hard and durable natural wax.
Candelilla Wax
Thickener and viscosity enhancer with protecting properties. Rich in nutrients, it adds gloss and lubricity to hair.
Titanium Dioxide
Long lasting thickening agent and UV blocker.
Tocopheryl Acetate
A form of Vitamin E and antioxidant which fights free radicals and promotes skin healing to diminish signs of ageing.

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