About Slick Daddy

Our Mission: 
Slick Daddy is committed to developing a fully sustainable and all natural range of men's premium grooming products while giving back to efforts surrounding climate change and ecological preservation. Our products are designed to be simple to use, yet super effective and are never tested on animals.

What is a Slick Daddy? 
A Slick Daddy is someone who embraces a stylish, chilled out and fun loving outdoors lifestyle and owns it. But being a Slick Daddy is about more than just looking good - it’s about feeling good and doing good. A Slick Daddy takes as much pride in supporting those around them as they do in their own appearance and nature. Are you ready to embrace your inner Slick, Daddy?

Who are we?
Founded by Andrew Feyen, Slick Daddy is a men's all natural grooming brand from Byron Bay, Australia that gives back.

Our beard oil, beard balm and hair styling products are passionately designed in Australia, using only the finest quality natural ingredients to get you looking, feeling and smelling like the best version of yourself.

We believe the term 'Slick Daddy' to be a way of life. We strive to create a community that's inclusive to all Slick Daddy’s: inspiring, strengthening, and elevating each other to be the best versions of ourselves (and looking damn good doing it!)

Giving back goes beyond just words, and so profits are dedicated to the task of cleaning our waterways of plastics, micro plastics, debris and pollution. Subscribe to our newsletter as we share our journey to clean up the world and make an impact for the future.

So yeah, that's us. That's Slick Daddy.

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