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Beard Balm Value Pack

Get a discount on the best beard balm Australia has to offer with this value pack. This pack features one Australian Sandalwood Beard Balm and one Eucalyptus Lavender Beard Balm.


Get one Australian Sandalwood Beard Balm and one Eucalyptus Lavender Beard Balm in this value pack. Our premium beard balm is the answer to all of your beard related challenges (and then some). Think of it as a leave-in beard conditioner or even a light beard wax. It works on any beard style, length and texture - by softening your beard hair, preventing split ends and relieving your dry, itchy skin related to new growth or beardruff. This is the best beard balm pack on offer for value and options.


Scoop out a small amount (about the size of your thumbnail) of balm from the tin. Massage it into your beard in a downward motion starting from your cheeks. Be sure to run your fingers through it so no hair gets left behind. Use your fingertips to coat the hairs of your moustache. Follow these steps daily and enjoy the result - a soft, manageable, itch & beardruff free beard.

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